Friday, January 21, 2011

how to: get out of an exersaucer

Step 1: Make sure that no one is looking and quietly begin to lean forward.

Step 2: Lean forward towards the ground with all of your weight.

Step 3: For extra tension, grab the underneath of the saucer and continue reaching for the ground until your feet come off the floor of the exersaucer. If your lucky and do not get caught, wiggle forward so your body slithers out of the saucer like a snake until you have escaped!

Step 4: (...or if you're like me...) Get caught making your escape!
...seriously is there no where safe anymore?...

A few mornings ago, I needed to leave the room for a few moments. Because I just cannot take my eyes off of Eli for more than a few seconds, I decided to put him in his exersaucer. Keep in mind, I heard no fussing, no crying, not even a peep. As I rounded the corner back into our family room, Mr. Eli was crawling toward me. Stopping in my tracks, I had to actually think..."I did put him in there, didn't I?" Yesterday, I was able to snap a play-by-play picture of our escape artist in action while I was making my morning coffee. While time in his exersaucer is almost nonexistent these days, Eli does love to stand on the outside and walk around playing with all of the fun toys. It looks like the beloved saucer may be retired to our attic shortly. Andy will never be so glad as to not take it in the car on our long trips. A little more room in our SUV can never hurt!

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The Dursts said...

Smart little guy!! And he's adorable too! Hopefully Hayden doesn't attempt that anytime soon. I still have to put him in there every now and then to get a shower in! =) I do think the exersaucer is one of the best baby investments!