Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ready. set. walk.

Within a matter of 4 days last week, Eli transitioned from furniture and toy cruiser to novice walker. To both my dismay and my delight, he is becoming braver by the day and has become quite interested in "letting go" and seeing just how far his chubby legs will take him. While we know that this new milestone will definitely keep us on our toes, we are excited for our little guy to see the world in this brand new way!

...take two short peeks at our Eli in action...




Our Quinn-tessential Life said...

Oh my goodness how exciting! Get ready and secure everything in your house!!! :)

Dana & Keith Newbrough said...

Such a fun stage! But it is true, that once they start walking, running and getting into everything is not far behind. ;) However, so does the walking while holding your hand, dancing with you and playing hide n' go seek games. :)